Value Steel

Triple-S Steel has built a reputation as one of the country's premier sources for value steel products. Our years in business have helped us develop creative supply solutions and steel mills. Customers and liquidators depend on us as a reliable source or outlet for value steel products.Triple-S Steel carefully segregates and identifies all metal materials, ensuring its proper representation to the end user. Depending on our current inventory, we offer both prime certifiable overstock and non-prime without certification.

Below is our current list of available steel and metal materials—let us know how we can help.

Send us a bid and we'll reply within 48 hours.

  Type Grade Dimensions Width Length Pieces Weight Notes Location

  • All material is offered subject to prior sale.
  • Submitting a bid does not constitute a binding obligation on behalf of the company to sell the material at the bid price.
  • All sales must be subject to final credit approval.
  • The company in good faith will either accept your bid or submit a counter offer for your consideration. It will also be assumed your bid has been submitted in good faith and with proper authorization from your company.
  • Unless otherwise noted in your bid it will be assume to be f.o.b. the location indicated in this website and valid for at least 48 hours.
  • All pricing to be assume in CWT, unless otherwise noted.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact one of our
Value Steel Specialists at the numbers below:
Houston: 800-231-1034
Knoxville: 800-251-9572
San Antonio: 800-725-4776
Fort Worth: 866-497-9904
Salt Lake City: 800-649-4248
Denver: 800-308-9660
Southern California: 949-273-8292